Meet The Team

Yasmin Weaver, Natasha Blank and Sarah Childs met at university many moons ago. Based in Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield, respectively, the three founders of the Worrying Signs project strive to encourage social cohesion in the wake of Brexit and provide help, support, and guidance to any victims or witnesses of hate, xenophobia and racism.

Together they have experience in law, marketing, project management and social enterprise with a particular focus on women’s rights, disability, mental health, cultural identity and interfaith dialogue. It is no wonder then, that the current state of social unrest caught their attention. What began as a Facebook album of screen grabs, evolved into an online community project with thousands of members supporting each other and standing together against hate. Worrying Signs believes that the only way out of this social and political quandary is by achieving exactly this and coming together and celebrating our differences. Our founders want our foreign born, migrant and minority communities to feel safe and welcome here and to know what a wonderful place Britain can be.

If you’d like to know more about our founders, visit our ‘Spotlight’ series on the Worrying Signs project blog:

Our Facebook group has over 18,000 members and is constantly growing. We have a very active user base and therefore rely on our group moderators to help keep things balanced and ensure that everyone is respectful of one another and adheres to our community standards.